The ambidextrous one-man-machine

“One-man wonder Omegachild serves up a potent instrumental brew as he brilliantly balances the duties of playing drums and keyboards simultaneously.” -

“Drum-infused experimental techno that practically wrenches the room into another dimension, the punters lose their collective mind and descend into a boozy, euphoric danceathon.” - Society Of Sound

"A human metronome on the kit" -


Omegachild is exploration, evolution and the synergy of human and machine. The project of ambidextrous pianist, drummer and electronic producer Daniel Newstead, Omegachild pays homage to that magical headspace that adults crave in the wisdom of hindsight, and children enjoy freely without the self-awareness that growing older imposes; it’s about losing oneself in the pursuit of musical daydreams, wherever they may roam.

Daniel’s love of expressing raw emotion through classical piano and being physically connected to the music through drumming were fused to produce the unique live show.
Combining audio activated projection and lighting, acoustic and electronic instrumentation with the physical demands of playing both keyboards and drums simultaneously, Omegachild is a hard-hitting and introspective wall of sound on the cutting edge of live electronic dance music.

In what begins as a stream-of-consciousness style that may borrow the instrumentation of trance at the pace of dubstep and drum ’n bass one day, the next will see Newstead’s muse tempting him into the introspection of psych, classical cinematic textures, or the rhythm found by allowing the fingertips to translate the way kaleidoscope patterns rearrange themselves.

Omegachild began his live journey in 2015 and quickly started showcasing the unique show at warehouse parties in Brisbane and festivals around Queensland and Northern NSW including; The Australian Body Art Festival (QLD), Faraway Festival (NSW), Jam In The Jah (FNQ), Jungle Love Festival (QLD) and Manifest (QLD).

At the beginning of 2016 Omegachild was awarded 'Best New Talent' by the Brisbane City Council for his 360degree VR performance in The QUBE Effect.

Omegachild is currently working on his second official music release which will be revealed in 2017.



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